About Grice

Grice Sinclair 1955

Grice Gun shop was founded in 1955 by Lynn “Scoot” and Janet Grice. Scoot returned from his service in the Army and had reopened his Uncle Tom's gas station on Third Street, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Janet got a job working as a secretary at Dumont Airplane and Marine in Hyde, PA. She eventually started working full time at the Gun Shop.

At the station, Scoot was washing, greasing cars and pumping gas year round. The service station had a small income, offering a very meager living. Hunting was a fact of life to put meat on the table. This necessity made guns a natural part of life, and he soon started reloading ammunition for himself and a few customers. The hobby inspired him and Janet to imagine the possibility of opening a gun business in the future.

In the late 1950’s, there were thousands of military surplus rifles in the hands of people who had purchased them and brought them back from WWII. With a little know-how and about $100 in equipment, he and Janet started sporterizing these guns at the service station in their spare time. Starting the gun business was a slight risk, so they maintained the gas pumps and grease pits. Business was looking up and sales continued to climb each year. In 1962, they embarked on the first phase of construction expansion of Grice Gun Shop. They started producing custom rifles in addition to sporterizing military rifles. Scoot did the gunsmithing, metal work, bluing, and fit the stock, and then Janet would do the high-gloss finishing.

Scoot and Janet’s son Tom started working at the business in 1970 at the age of 8. When Scoot and Janet retired in 1988, Tom and his wife Brenda purchased the business and continue to run it along with their two children.

As business grew so construction grew. By 1985, continued success and growth demanded a bigger building and better location, so the Grices built a building one block from where it all began. Grice Gun Shop is now located on 216 Reed Street, Clearfield, PA.

Grice Gun Shop, Inc. is still a family owned business with three generations of family members currently working, along with a great dedicated staff of employees ready to serve our customers with knowledge and full line of excellent products. We are a full line sporting goods retailer stocking major brands. We have a huge selection of inventory to back it up, when you want it. Grice Gun Shop has thousands of rifles, shotguns, handguns, AR’s, muzzleloaders, air guns, scopes, binoculars and spotters. We stock a large amount of ammo as well as reloading equipment, apparel and boots.

Our company is dedicated to providing honest, great customer service, selection and low competitive pricing. We believe our customers are number 1 !! You create memories with family and friends when hunting and shooting.

THANK YOU to the thousands of satisfied customers whom have helped to build our business into the largest gun shop in Pennsylvania.